While in a hurry, making a healthy drink and food can be highly challenging, hence a lot of fitness enthusiasts have considered the release of nutribullet pro a blessing. This device has been a great use in the kitchen. In just a few minutes of adding up ingredients, including a handful of spinach, a cup of pineapple, apple, pear, banana and a desired amount of water, you are ready to do. Due to the 900 watt motor of nutribullet pro that grinds the ingredients smoothly and quickly, the smoothie will be ready in no time. In relation to other personal blenders in the market, nutribullet pro is considered durable due to its heavy motor. In addition, the device also has 2 blades that can even crush down toughest ingredients like blackberry seeds. It is reliable and fast while you are on the go. While the other blenders only generate 14 or 24 Oz of drink, with this nutribullet pro, you can prepare a smoothie or a shake for the family members. You can get two servings with no need of using the blade for two times.

Why buy nutribullet pro?

If you buy nutribullet pro, you can obtain the package containing 2 tall cups, resealable lids, a small cup and 1 flip top lid to be used traveling and also a colossal cup. Nutribullet pro 900 series is free of BPA and due to the hazards of BPA that was known to be harmful to health; it is a guarantee that the plastic cups are free out of it. The lids and cups are very easy to clean. With warm water and mild dish-washing soap, the job is done easily. After completing the rinsing, you can just store it into the dishwasher and allow it to dry. Apart from being a shake maker or a smoothie, this can even substitute any other kitchen appliances like mixer, chopper and coffee grinder. It works perfectly well to make crepe batter, chopping seeds or breadcrumbs and scrambling eggs. With its huge advantage, you can give yourself or your special someone the gift of taste and healthy beverages by means of this super-food nutribullet pro extractor.

Nutribullet Pro

Best uses of nutribullet pro

You have to just add vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, seeds and water for extracting ingredients into tasty, smooth drinks. If you are done with blending the beverage, transfer it into stay-cool bag and take pleasure in enjoying the delicious blended drink. The extractor blade of nutribullet pro has a unique design, which, along with nutribullet pro cyclonic action, produces the power to break down thick stems, seeds and the tough skin of vegetables and fruits to obtain the complete hidden nutrition. The blade is made using stainless steel and it never required sharpening. Whether you have got a large appetite or you need to make 2 or 3 nutriblast servings at a time, the colossal cup or super-sized 32 will get the job done. You can consider attaching the lip ring for further comfortable drinking.

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