Food is mandatory for you to stay energetic and do your daily chores. But at times, you end up eating too much or too little that causes might harm your body and its mechanics. In a survey conducted worldwide, it has been identified that many people irrespective of a healthy workout routine and eating habits are affected by deadly diseases. This might startle and alarm you as you might be the person who consumes plenty of salads and fruits in your diet and also follows a strict exercise routine.

But then what goes wrong in such people? The answer is simple. You and your mates might be eating fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes in huge proportion, but are these nutrients getting absorbed properly in your body that saves you from diseases? Though the food is healthy, you are not consuming the nutrients as your food processor eliminates majority of the nutritive contents and fibres. One has to invest in a good quality nutrient extractor like nutri bullit and can design innovative recipes to cure their body and fight toxins. Here are three innovative and nutritive diet recipes that help your body to recover the damage. Check these out and try on your own:

Wheat grass buttermilk proteinshake

A table spoon of protein powder mixed in butter milk can be used to irrigate the fresh wheat grass that is chopped and fed into the nutri bullit. The amazing food processor or nutrient extractor as it is rightly called, can give a glass full of nutritive extract that is a wonderful diet juice and an anti-oxidant as well. A pinch of salt for seasoning gives a great taste to the drink and makes more tempting.

Fruit punch

People who are health-conscious prefer to have fruit punch in their daily health regime. Majority of fruits are anti-oxidants that can detox the body and make the skin glow and purify the blood. When fruits are nicely diced and blended into a smoothie in the powerful nutri bullit, a nutrient extractor, a wonderful fruit punch is ready that is naturally sweet and completely nutritive.

Legume shot

Many love to eat legumes as they are protein rich. Once par boiled, these legumes can be blended into a smoothie in a nutrient extractor that retains the proteins in the food and presents it to the stomach in the most edible and absorbable form. As such the stomach can digest it perfectly thus absorbing all the essential nutrients present in it. This smoothie is an excellent light weight dinner diet for the body builders.

It has been scientifically proven that the lack of nutritious food is the main cause of many diseases like cancer. Hence, it is the high time you think of a healthier alternative to your regular blenders and invest in the most nutrition efficient nutrient extractors like nutri bullit that blends all types of fruits, millets, vegetables and nuts with a power punch and nutrition blast!


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