Our world is getting a little too rounder day by day. Women are biologically selected to have extra smooth skin and an extra layer of adipose tissues as compared to men. This extra adipose content are making them the prime victim of the weight gaining affair as their body is more prone to attract and withstand accumulating fat. Moreover, the females have increasing rate of mental irritation with every inch of increase of their waist line whit the nutri bullett. Consumption of fresh green vegetables and colourful fruit rich diet can help them to kick out those extra feminine adipose. So, all ladies out there will get an effective solution of all their problems here in this page:

How to serve these veggies on plates for best possible results?

Cooked vegetables are mostly devoid of their inner natural goodness because of the use of cooking oil and high degree of cooking temperature. Then comes boiled veggies and then seedless or stem less fruits and veggies. So, to obtain the full course of minerals and nutrients from vegetables and fruits, eating fresh raw vegetables with out any seed removal or boiling is always recommended. But chewing raw vegetables gives a night mare to many health conscious people even. Moreover, chewing of fruits though sounds and tastes good, raw vegetables when chewed irradiate a typical taste which is obviously not soothing for your taste buds. The remedy is, blend it in a good nutrient blender like nutri bullett and quickly drink that nutrient rich green fresh juice. . There will be no trace of waste and you will get pure nutrient rich smoothie, unless or until some unbreakable seeds are present in the fruit or veggetable.

Entry of nutri bullett

Ordinary mixture grinder can blend vegetables and fruits only when it is devoid of their seeds and peels. But it is the seeds that are the most potent reservoir of vitamins and minerals. So, you need to include that seed crush within the veggie juice to magnify its mineral quotient. A nutri bullett is that special kitchen appliance, which can effectively crush a fruit or veggies as a whole into a cup of mineral rich clear green soup. This cup of nutri juice is also friendly for your stomach as it is easily digestible and you needn’t to have great metabolic rate to absorb that.

Other advantages of this nutri bullett extractor

The juice extracted from the veggie and fruits can be at once swallowed because the grinding container is a cup in itself with a fitted handle for easy grip. You can sip the juice at once as soon as it is ready. Apart from these, you can treat your taste buds by topping the veggies with almond or walnuts and the blender responsibly grinds those tough nuts and gifts the entire vegetable cum fruit juice a whole exciting nutty flavour.

So, go green in this pollution stuck era, and drink nutri bullett veggie-fruit juice and transform yourself from flabby to fit.

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